Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Thursday 29 August Ideas

The Disco- Thursday 26 September Fundraising for 7&8 School Camps in Takahe -  
Times:  Years 5-8   7.00 till 9
                    Years 1-4   4.30 till 6.00

Tidy Kiwi : Every class has an area and what class keeps there area the cleanest.

Bandana Challenge: For last two weeks of term

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Student Council Week 8

* Cross Country Feedback
The track was better to run on more smoother

* Fundraising for camp
Selling ice creams or hot-dogs etc 

* Playground is dangerous

* Something on playground for older kids 5 & up

* School yearbook to start.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Student Council Friday 7th June 2013

Note From Last Meeting in Week 3
  • Fundraising For Term 2&3
  • Mrs Jeffries, Ms Hampson To Help with YearBook
  • Curtains & Blinds see Pricing or FOSPS
  • Capture the Flag Afternoon
  • Disco end of term 2 maybe or start of term 3
  • Mufti Day

This meeting Week 5

Cross Country
  • Good having all the activities, really enjoyed having fun games for the seniors too
  • Liked having the placings at the event and really like the ribbons
  • Liked having a change of course

Other matters:
  • Road Patrol Training will carry on in a couple of weeks
  • Yr8 Noodle Relocation Yr8s ask Ms Hood if noodle can come back into the classroom.


Monday, 18 March 2013

Meeting #3

Meeting #3

Our Ideas:

Sushi order carry on all term 

Big kids Playground

Chocolate Selling for Camp

Different netball hoops

Subway Chocolate milk Back

Wacky Wednesday

Pj Day

More Books for Libary

School Picnic

Cardboard City (Seniors)

Blind or Curtains for classes

School Gala 

Easter Raffle

Soccer Nets

Locks on toilets

Movie or Art Day

Sport Tasman Fun Day 

Games Afternoon

Water Fight

Monday, 11 March 2013

Meeting #2

Great News Sushi is up and running remember get your orders in by 9.00 on Thursday's

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Meeting # 1 - 6 March 2013

Meeting One - 

Wednesday 6 March 2013 11am 

Present - Mrs McKay, Bodhi, Harrison, Rosa, Claudia, Hannah, Zara, Margeaux, Dylan, Lucas, Sam and Sophie.
Absent - Gabriel Richards

Harrison was elected as the secretary for 2013. He will be in charge of taking notes and writing these up on this blog. Hannah and Bodhi will be in charge of the blogs photo gallery.

Items discussed:

Class Break Boxes
It was brought to the council meeting that some classes have difficulty accessing their class break box equipment at lunch time because the classroom is locked.
Margeaux suggested that classes have a break box note book and sign in and out their equipment and their break box monitor checks it is all returned at the end of lunch.
Students who do not return equipment will not be allow to borrow any more for a week.

Sushi Lunch Orders
I was discussed to have Sushi lunch orders again and was agreed to have them in Term 1 and Term 4. Terms 2 and 3 will be saved for hotdogs so classes can fundraise for camp.
Mrs McKay will contact Sushi Direct to see if it is still a possibility.

Top Team 
Students are interested in entering a school Top Team in term 4. Zara will find out more information about this competition and report back.

House Colours
Students are interested in bringing back the Houses for sport competitions.

Next Meeting:
Tuesday 12 March 11am